Barcode Scanner Technology Future

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Imagine that we are living in a rapid development of science and technology. It is not an exaggeration to say that there will be rapid changes every day. If we cancel the barcode scanning gun in all supermarkets now, we will continue to use the cashier to manually enter the number of each product. , Then the long queues in front of the cashier counter in the supermarket will bring you what an annoying shopping experience. When it gets smaller, people will definitely reduce the number of people queuing up to buy items in the supermarket, while getting bigger can directly lead to a drop in consumption. It is not conducive to the stable development of the economic level. In addition, if we cancel the barcode scanner when we go to the mall to buy clothes, the security of the goods will be greatly reduced, and the theft rate will be greatly increased. If we do not have a barcode scanner to track the location of the package when we shop online, who can be sure that the goods we buy can accurately reach the buyer's home?

    Nowadays, barcode scanning industry technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as retail industry, manufacturing, logistics, medical treatment, warehousing, and even security, etc. The most popular recently is the QR code scanning technology on WeChat, which can quickly and accurately identify information. After your mobile phone is installed with a new version of WeChat (software that includes a QR code) that can recognize it, you can directly scan and recognize the information contained in the QR code with the phone camera. Each WeChat user can generate his own unique QR code. When you encounter a QR code, you can accurately display the information of the person you want to find under the scan of your mobile phone, which can effectively prevent adding mistakes and unknown people. Buddy.

    Now many fast food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald’s, are the first to introduce QR code scanning electronic coupons to replace the previous electronic coupons. Because many of the previous e-coupons have a time limit, but the number and location are not limited, leading to the flood of e-coupons, the current QR code scanning coupons are no longer restricted by time and region, for more Consumers provided convenience and also carried out large-scale promotions on the merchants themselves.

    It can be seen that the prospect of bar code scanning guns will be limitless, because it fully meets the needs of people in the fast-paced pace of modern society to do the most convenient in the shortest time.