Shenzhen Tenkoto Technology Co., Ltd .(brand: Tenkoto),  is high tech factory committed to providing global users with RFID O2O and scanning products application solutions. At the same time, it is also the leader and advocate of Internet of things technology. It insists on customer satisfaction orientation, innovative creativity to provide customers with products that meet their needs and high quality, and is committed to further providing customers with satisfactory product functions and services. To win wide respect from stakeholders and society. Tenkoto strives to train enterprise members to become excellent citizens with morality, knowledge and ability in society, in order to pursue noble and elegant, and make people respect the outlook on life and values as members of the enterprise. The company provides a broad stage for enterprise members to provide learning, training and promotion growth, we always believe that the development of the company and the growth of enterprise members are inseparable.

Company culture

Tenkoto strives to be a leader in the field of RFID reader and scanner solution. It is because of a professional sales and technical team with the pursuit and common belief of the Tenkoto people. In this team, people-oriented, full respect for talent. Formed a positive and healthy corporate culture.

Mission: rapid response, quality products, professional after-sales.

Vision: Let wisdom create a better life, and technology creates value.

Concept: To occupy a core position in the industry solution service and build a complete value ecosystem.