Tenkoto OEM Scanning solution factory.

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Tenkoto Technology is OEM scanning solution factory. Offers the most diverse and high performance OEM scanning portfolio for all your innovations and creations, from hand-held devices, wearable devices, to kiosk, vending machine, self-services, voting, gaming.



Go Digital with Tenkoto Technology. Self Service & Vending Machine & Kiosk

Access Control & Ticket validation


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EFT POS & Mobile Computer

Voting Machine android scan PDA

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Ideal embedded scanning solutions

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The most diversified & cost-efficient OEM portfolios, from 1D linear to 2D imager, from all-in-one to split up, Tenkoto Technology develops scan engine, modulized scanner, software decoder for use in a variety of vertical applications, including self-services, kiosk, vending machine, access control, ticketing, payment POS, gaming, lottery, parking, In-Vitro diagnostics and so much more.





The smallest scan engine with decoder. Empowers your creativity without the constraints of space.


Laser-generated crosshair aiming to ensure accurate barcode capture. Ideal for wearable solutions like pocket scanner, ring scanner, etc.

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Ruggedized designed   with IP65 housing, fulfills the increasing decoding demands for screen barcodes, even barcodes with mass data.


Environmentally sealed to an IP54 housing with megapixel decoding and compact size. The simplify integration enables the applications to breezily find inroad into the market.

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Why Tenkoto Technology


Focus R&D experiences on barcode scanning

Advanced IT team 24 hour support

 Enables the most cost-efficient portfolio